An end to the beginning!

Is this an end to the beginning?Waving on the banks of Sabarmati,The benign portray,Had betrayed the dream,The white silk shone in the golden sun,The dragons flew and the elephants roared,On the Dravidian land, the Mahabalipuram… Is this an end to the beginning?The time arrived to demonstrate loyalty,The Pakistani song remained on the lips,The terrorists guarded,WithContinue reading “An end to the beginning!”

Adios, My Love!

My love, do you believe in me?I left the home,For the faith is shown,The countrymen,For the new child born,Guarding the valleys,I will soon return,The love for u,Will remain eternal,Do you believe in me? My love, do you believe in me?The enemies gunned,Had attacked the throne,The wildest trees,And the chilling cold,The fellow men, dressed in brown,InContinue reading “Adios, My Love!”

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